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Since its creation in 1988, Palo Alto Software has grown to a respected provider of small business tools worldwide with the single goal of helping other small businesses grow and become successful. We offer several software products and an extensive library of free expert content to help people succeed in business.

Outpost, an email management product designed for teams collaborating with clients, was created by Palo Alto Software. We developed Outpost as the antidote to one of our own struggles. Managing group inboxes like and is full of communication pitfalls. Outpost is a simple tool that helps teams organize, track and coordinate responses to client emails. Cut through the clutter of forwarding, CCing, and BCCing your team members to handle client communication. Outpost makes it easy for everyone on your team to work in the same inbox. How? By giving you simple tools—like internal notes and assignments—that are designed for stress-free collaboration. Outpost turns email chaos into clarity.


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