Nico Brooks, Two Octobers

Nico Brooks


Two Octobers

Nico has been building and leading teams in digital advertising technology and services since the late ’90s. His journey has taken him through the underworld of search, Microsoft’s largest-ever acquisition, and countless rooms full of pie-eyed ad execs and media planners.

In 2010, he co-founded Two Octobers on the belief that highly-collaborative teams with diverse knowledge and perspectives perform better, adapt quicker, and enjoy work more than the traditional agency model. With 700+ campaigns under management, a 5-star rating on glassdoor, and several years running on the Inc. 5000, his belief is panning out.

Nico oversees R&D, automation and analytics at Two Octobers, and loves every day. (Ok, nearly every day.) Nico also teaches aspiring digital marketers at University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business.

Nico is a Presenter
at AgencyCon:

 Creating a Culture of Collaborative Innovation


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