LaSheita Sayer

LaSheita Sayer

Principal, Chief Marketing Officer

ZoZo Marketing Group

ZoZo Group has bid and successfully completed over 250 government contracts in the last 7 years. ZoZo Group is led by LaSheita, an expert in marketing communication and public outreach. Sayer’s knowledge and passion unites in her roles as both founder and Principal Information Officer of ZoZo Group LLC. Before founding ZoZo Group in 2003, Sayer’s experience focused primarily on client side high-tech industry. Presently, Sayer utilizes her 25 years of diverse marketing expertise most notably in the strategic balance between non-partisan, publicly funded government contracts and private, persuasive contracts.
A graduate of the University of Colorado – School of Business, Sayer earned her degree in Marketing and International Business and has specialized training in strategic planning, project management, crisis communication, and internet marketing. Currently, she serves as a public information officer for over a dozen government construction sub-contracts with the Colorado Department of Transportation projects.

ZoZo Group Address:
2590 N. Washington St.
Denver, CO 80205